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A poorly insulated loft can lose up to 25% of its heat. Most types of loft insulation start to diminish after 40 years, but this can happen sooner with damp conditions, or due to vermin droppings. Surepro insulation Ltd can remove old insulation and replace it with the best and newest hi-spec insulation on the market.

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We also offer the option for additional layers to add to your current insulation, most homes have only 100mm (4 inches) of insulation which Is not sufficient and will result in you using more energy to heat your home. As a guide, the UK Government recommend a minimum of 270mm and in some case 400mm is utilised in order to achieve superior U-values.

Our services:

  • Knauf loft roll
  • Loft ladders
  • Hatch replacements and enlargements
  • Multifoil insulation membrane
  • Celotex insulation between rafters in warm roofs
  • Sheep’s wool insulation
  • Vermiculite loose fill
  • Loft boarding and platform packages

From start to finish we keep you the customer in mind, carrying out initial site surveys and recommending the best product for your loft depending on the property’s exact circumstances and location, all the while whilst factoring in your budget for the works.

All our installers are fully trained, professional and courteous. Before we start any work we install carpet protection and dustsheets to keep floor coverings under the work area clean and undamaged.

We are BBA and Trustmark approved which ensures that all the work carried out is to the highest possible standard.


Knauf loft roll:


The most common product we install, this new up-to-date and market leading material ensures that your loft is insulated properly and efficiently. This type of insulation is an itch free material and has low volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). It comes in multiple thicknesses ranging from 100mm, 150mm, 170mm and 200mm.



Loft ladders:


We can install 3 tier and telescopic loft ladders to suit your needs, all professionally installed these will help you to access and egress your loft safely every time.



Loft hatch enlargement or replacement:


With some of our installers being time-served carpenters, we are happy to enlarge your loft hatch opening and install a larger loft hatch with ladder attached to ensure you can safely and efficiently enter your loft space with ease if you require a larger opening for whatever reason. Our carpentry team can fit out lofts with storage shelving and bespoke items if required, along with boarding packages as explained further below.



Multifoil insulation:


This product packs a punch and is used to create maximum efficiency with minimum thickness. We use this on the underside of rafters and when doing conversions and as the name suggests it is formed by way of multiple layers of foil and foam sandwiched between 2 layers of breathable membrane, creating a water-resistant barrier.  Thinking of selling or getting a mortgage? Not to worry as this product still allows you to inspect the condition of the membrane and the timbers once installed.

Celotex/PIR insulation between rafters:


We do this for ‘Room in roof’ conversions and the Celotex/PIR is installed in-between the rafters, taking up no extra room. It is important to leave an air gap behind the insulation and the membrane. It’s a fantastic product with water resistant properties and once installed is easy to remove to access anything you may need to.



Sheep’s wool insulation:


Sheep’s wool, although expensive is a brilliant product that can hold a lot of water without the efficiency deteriorating, it is also easy to lay and can be blended with polyester or 100% natural fibres that are treated to deter vermin and moths.



Vermiculite loose fill:


We use this in properties where there have been problems with vermin and areas with limited space. Recently made vermiculite does not contain asbestos and is a great product to use. Because it has already been expanded with heat it is also a great material to use around chimney breasts.



Room in roof insulation:


Many room in roof conversions unfortunately haven’t ever had insulation installed, so the best way for us to do this is to remove the plasterboard, install Celotex in between the rafters, install multifoil membrane and battens, then plasterboard and plaster to re-finish. This creates a warm room in winter and helps to keep the room cool in the summer months.

If you’re in need of our exceptional commercial services, you can get in touch with us via our online enquiry for a highly competitive quote.